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Buying a house

Find your dream home!

Are you experiencing difficulties finding the perfect house? We can help you.

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From "viewer" to "buyer"!

Most people relocate several times in their lives, meaning that they have to deal with buying and selling a house more than once as well. This might have you think that you can easily do this by yourself, and perhaps you could. Even so, hiring an estate agent to guide you to through all the processes would be a wise idea and will certainly be to your benefit in many ways.


This is how we achieve a successful purchase

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The correct information

As an NVM-accredited estate agency, we have early access to all the houses that come onto the market. And we know how wonderful a house actually is as, naturally, there may be one or more hidden snags. Our professional eye for detail may see things that you could easily overlook. A new house needs to feel good, fit you like a glove. That’s where emotions kick in and why it is great to have someone by your side who approaches the process purely from a business-like point of view. You follow your heart, we add our rational mindset, and together we offer the best way of buying your new home.

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Determining the best price

Besides our long-standing experience in the real estate business, we also have a huge database with current details on the housing market. This allows us to offer you the best price analysis for the house you have set your eyes on. At what prices were comparable houses sold? How often do houses in the street or neighbourhood you wish to buy come onto the market? And is the asking price a fair one? We will answer all these questions so you will have all the information you need when you start the negotiating process.

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An experienced negotiator by your side

Practice makes perfect. After all, you only get better when you do something every day. Makes sense, right? We handle negotiations every single day. We know the fine tricks of the trade and that is why we often achieve better results than our clients. On average, you will end up shaving 3 to 5% off the purchase price. Another important element is that we are not emotionally involved – we can keep a professional distance and only focus on the negotiations. We will be happy to use that neutral position on your behalf. And the numbers check out: a good broker will definitely pay off.

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Trust is good, checks are better

We know it’s a cliché, something your father may tell you. Or your accountant. But that doesn’t make it less true. After closing a deal, we make sure that the legal aspects all check out as they should. Is the purchase contract correct and are all the agreements properly stipulated? Are there any issues that may need further investigation, such as an asbestos inventory or a constructional survey? And is the house still in good condition by the time ownership is transferred to you? You can leave the small print to us and just enjoy planning the move into your new house.

In short

With a professional broker:

  • you will know when your dream house comes along;
  • you will have all the correct information;
  • you will know the fair value of the house;
  • you will have an experienced negotiator by your side;
  • you will not have to worry about the small print.
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Would you like us to help you purchase a house? Great!

Overall, our support and services cover three stages:

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Information stage

First of all, we will have a noncommittal meeting to get to know one another.

  • After that, we jointly create your search profile.
  • We keep you updated on the houses that are or will be listed by all the NVM-accredited estate agencies (you receive an overview of all the new houses that match your search profile).
  • We request brochures/information and schedule viewings. We often even manage to do that when the vending party has already limited the number of viewings.
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Negotiation phase

  • We accompany you during the viewings.
  • We offer our advice on all the pros and cons relating to the house.
  • We make a thorough analysis of the house and the asking price.
  • We advise you on the best negotiating strategy.
  • We negotiate on your behalf.
  • If you and the vendor agree on the price, we conclude the deal.
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Conclusion phase.

  • If necessary or advisable, we arrange for a constructional survey.
  • We can advise you on the (mortgage) funding you need.
  • We review the provisional purchase deed and offer our advice on the aspects and provisions that must be included.
  • We check the notarial deed and payment details.
  • Before the actual transfer, we do a final inspection of the house and accompany you to the notary’s office.
  • And if anything should occur after the transfer, we are here to help you out.


Are you interested in our services or do you have any questions?

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