Metselaars makelaardij
Metselaars makelaardij

Advice on feasibility or monthly costs

Mortgage Advice

Have you seen a nice house and you want to know whether you could buy it? Or would you gain more insight into your monthly expenses if you buy another house?

Metselaars makelaardij

Mortgage Advice

Or perhaps you already have a mortgage and you want to know if refinancing would be beneficial. In all three cases, it is important to be well informed about the mortgage options.

Metselaars Makelaardij has a long-standing relationship with a reliable mortgage advice agency. Together, we will be happy to help you. Naturally, this third party is an independent Erkend Hypothecair Planner (an Accredited Mortgage Planner), a certification that is only given after thorough screening. Such a mortgage advisor has completed specific training, has taken the oath to act as an objective and independent advisor, and knows all the financial, legal and fiscal ins and outs of the mortgage business.

Main benefit

The main benefit of using an independent advisor is that they are not affiliated with one bank but allowed to work with multiple mortgage suppliers. They assess which mortgage would be best for you based on your situation. After all, every person and situation are unique.

Metselaars makelaardij

A noncommittal meeting is free, confidential, and only takes about an hour.

After this conversation, you will know:

  • whether you are eligible for a mortgage;
  • the amount you could loan;
  • your monthly expenses;
  • more about the different types of mortgages;
  • which type of mortgage would suit your situation best and why;
  • the overall mortgage advice costs.

Besides the fact that you yourself are better informed about your options, a vendor will also appreciate it when you already know your own mortgage situation and that you are to be taken seriously as a prospective buyer. And this can be a huge advantage in the current overheated housing market.

Metselaars makelaardij


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