Metselaars makelaardij
Metselaars makelaardij

Especially for people in their second childhood

Senioren makelaar

Real estate agents who only work for seniors do not exist. These days, most people who reach a certain senior age are still quite independent and don’t need a broker who specifically caters for their needs. Even so, we gladly go the extra mile for seniors who would like some extra help.

Metselaars makelaardij

Especially for people in their second childhood

For example, we schedule more time for appointments and offer non-digital communication options. Many business transactions are done digitally and although many seniors know how to use a computer, we will certainly offer our time and assistance to help you, if needed.

We will be happy to take such things out of your hands. We can offer several additional services, such as:

  • We can jointly fill in all the paperwork, including:
  • The questionnaire required to start the sales process.
  • The list of movable goods.
  • The mandatory energy label.
  • We can create an app group that may include the children or other advisors to keep everyone updated on all the steps of the sales process.
  • We can agree on specific times for the viewings (e.g., ‘not before 11:00 a.m.’ or ‘only on Tuesdays and Thursdays’).
  • We can advise you on legal aspects, such as arranging a proxy or a so-called living will (also called an advance healthcare directive), which always includes a notary’s services.
  • We help you get the house in order when it has been sold. Such services can include:
  • Clearing the house and removing any remaining household items.
  • Cleaning the house before the transfer.
  • Tidying the garden before the transfer.
  • Assisting you at the notary’s office.
  • Helping you find a new home suitable for all ages.

We will be happy to offer such services, which are free of charge unless they require the services of third parties like a gardener or a notary. If so, you will always get a quotation first.

Metselaars makelaardij


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