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There are different reasons for requiring a valuation report. They are usually requested after someone has bought a house or for the renewal of a mortgage, for which a valuation report is mandatory.

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Valuation Report

A valuation report is an official document and, therefore, differs from an ordinary valuation. Drawing up a valuation report takes time, knowledge and effort, and can easily cost 500 to 600 euros. Luckily, these costs are often tax deductible so you can deduct them from your income tax statement. We recommend that you check whether this applies to your situation. Metselaars Makelaardij is a certified and NVM-accredited valuation agency, and our valuators are sworn in by the court, listed in the real estate register, and affiliated with the NWWI. This may be a long list but it shows that you are in safe hands with Metselaars Makelaardij.

Do you wish to hire us for your valuation report?

Then we can guarantee the following:

  • A well-substantiated valuation and valuation report of your (new) house.
  • Our valuators are highly experienced and officially registered.
  • Our reports are accepted by all banks and mortgage suppliers in the Netherlands.
  • At your request, the NWWI will validate your report (which usually is the bank’s request).
  • You receive a digital and, at request, a printed version of the report.
  • We usually only need a few days to draw up the report. If necessary, we can do it even faster.

That’s all I need to know. Please draw up a valuation report for me

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Reasons for needing an official valuation report:

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  • To close a new mortgage loan.
  • For refinancing a house or changing the existing mortgage.
  • To establish the actual value for divorce procedures.
  • To establish the payable inheritance tax in the event of a death.
  • To substantiate an appeal if the WOZ (Real Estate Valuation Tax) value is deemed (too) high.
  • To establish the insurance value.
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